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Wednesday 3rd Feb

Wellbeing Wednesday 

Eating a balanced diet, being active or getting enough sleep is so important for our physical and mental health. Can you try and do something to help support this? Perhaps you could make breakfast, lunch or dinner with your grown up- try to add a variety of food types. You could do an indoor work out or go for a walk outdoors, maybe you have a bike or scooter you could go on.


Class Novel - 

Chapter 3 –


English - 

To generate vocabulary

In this lesson, the children will revisit Mrs Wordsmith vocabulary to support this writing outcome. They will then begin to analyse a new scene, with a focus on a new character, before generating vocabulary to describe the character in this final scene


Maths - 

Problem solving using the column method

In this lesson, we will learn how to apply our understanding of the column method to: finding and fixing errors and completing unfinished column method calculations.


Geography - 

How do rivers shape the land?

In this lesson, we will be learning about how rivers shape the land. We will be learning about the four types of erosion, the four types of transportation and learning about what deposition is.


Spelling Test - see ClassDojo


Come and See - 

Using what you believe and value and what you saw in the videos yesterday, create a Code of Conduct showing what makes a good friend. Give reasons for your choice of statements.