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Monday 18th January



To write the opening

In this lesson, the children will practise writing a complex sentence, will analyse a model piece of writing and will write their own opening scene based on the film clip.



Solve multiplication problems using known and derived facts

In this lesson, we will solve multiplication problems in the context of currency


Science - 

Why do people with different lifestyles need different diets?

In this lesson, we will learn about different lifestyles and characteristics and how these will affect the amount of energy that those people need. We will also learn about nutritional deficiencies as well as discuss whether there could be a solution to all of our unbalanced diet problems.


PSHE - Energy

A pledge is something you commit to doing. If we all commit to doing a small something, together we can have a big impact! This is
incredibly exciting. Write your thoughts on your My Energy Pledge (PDF attached).


French -

Describing a thing or a person (Part 2/4)

In this lesson we practise our use of the verb être to describe a person or a thing, using masculine and feminine forms of adjectives. This lesson includes the use of a site called Quizlet, which you will need to ask your parent or carer to help you with.