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Monday 1st March 2021


Handwriting  - We have completed all of the units for our Year 1 handwriting. Next week when we are back in class I would like to have a look at how children are doing with the different joins and see which we need to practice. Please take the time this week to look back over the handwriitng sheets that you have done and prcatice any joins which you have found tricky. 


Collective worship - Daily collective worship plans and powerpoint available in the come and see tab.


Maths Challenge  - Please see attached. 


Phonics  - Please see phonic plan on our class page on the website.


English  - Information on tigers  -


Maths   - Multiplication and Division  -


Come and See  - Our new topic is 'Lent  / Easter' and our focus is on how Lent is a time for change. Please see the attached season sheet as a starting point for considering how seasons change. Children should then start to think about how they have changed since they were born. It might be useful for them to look at a  photograph of themselves as babies and to record all the ways in whch they have changed. 


Computing  - Animated Stories. This week we will use Purple Mash to access the work we started last week. When we have logged into our account, we can access our work and open up '2create a story'. Here we will find the picture and sentences we created last week to begin our story. This week we will be animating our picture by adding sound and movement. I will go through this with you in our zoom call on Monday but if you want to have a try before then you simply choose the microphone icon in the top right hand side of the screen to add sound. Once you have chosen a sound press OK. Next to the microphone icon is an icon of a moving person. this is where you can choose your movement. When you have added your sound and movement you press on the green arrow in the top, middle of the screen and watch how you have animated your picture. If this sounds confusing, please don't worry we will have a go together in our zoom call. 


Have  a good day Year 1.