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We learn to love and grow in Jesus

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Religious Education

We learn to love and grow in Jesus


Please click on the links below to find our weekly Prayers to you during this difficult time regarding Covid-19


As you know, we at St Richard’s achieved the CAFOD Live Simply Award.  We are still encouraged to work together to help those in our community and the wider world and therefore have set new monthly pledges with our children’s suggestions.  


Central to our faith is that God created each and every one of us with free will and the power to choose.  We are accountable for our actions and in order to experience freedom, we must exercise responsibility.


Our monthly challenges are to encourage us to look at our personal responsibility for making choices what will enable us to live simply, sustainably and in solidarity with the poor.  These challenges will continue to help us to think globally and make a decision to take simple steps to bring about change for the better.



I will live simply by praying for children around the world to receive an education.

Every child has the right to an education.  I promise to pray for all children to be able to go to school and learn new skills.



I will try to donate more to charities during October (example food and clothing).

I promise to try to donate my old clothing and spare food.



I will live simply by saving energy.

I promise to turn the lights off when I leave a room and not leave any electrical equipment on standby.



I will live simply by making a change for the poor in my area.

I promise to support the school’s campaign for Community Gift Day to help less fortunate families enjoy a happier Christmas.



I will live simply by Recycling.

I promise to encourage my family to recycle more.  I promise to continue recycling in school.



I will live simply by becoming more aware of Fairtrade.

I will encourage my family and friends to buy Fairtrade products.



I will live simply by praying for the homeless.

I promise to pray for people who do not have a safe place to sleep or enough food to eat; to accept and welcome others as they are, without exception.



I will live simply by making new friends.

I promise to make an effort to make a new start by getting to know people better and to tell my friends how much I love, appreciate and care for them.



I will live simply by walking or cycling to school.

I promise to try to walk or cycle to school more often rather than go by car.



I will live simply by appreciating what I have.

I promise to look after all of my things, treat them with respect, tidy up, put things away and help my family.



I will live simply by persevering.

I have tried hard to make a difference in my life for others.  I know that these small changes can help to make a better world for everyone.




We value Religious Education and Collective Worship. As a Catholic school, at least 10% of our curriculum time (approximately 2½ hours per week, per class) is given to RE from Early Years Foundation Stage through to Year Six.


Collective Worship takes place in different forms across all classes, both indoor and outdoor. The time taken for Collective Worship varies, dependent upon the age of the children. The ratio used is one minute for each year of a child’s life, for example a child in Year 3 (aged 7 or 8 years) will spend approximately 7-8 minutes per day in Collective Worship.


We are a part of the Archdiocese of Liverpool and undertake lessons using the ‘Come and See’ curriculum. This curriculum was introduced in September 2012. It uses relevant resources to make learning fun, interactive, deep and meaningful in each class. At the start of each unit, children explain what they know already about the topic being studied and by the end of the unit, children are able to celebrate as a class to show their understanding from their new learning. Families are provided with termly newsletters to explain our topics and give ideas for home reflection. A copy of these newsletters can be found on our website. As well as this, children across each class are given the opportunity to celebrate their learning with other key stage friends and parents through class assemblies.


Topics covered: Please click on the link below to see what each year group cover.

If you have any questions about ‘Come and See’, please contact your child’s class teacher. If you would like to find out more, please visit



Collective Worship across every class uses the same structure.

Gather, using prayers, actions or music.

Listen to scripture, readings and / or poems.

Respond by doing something or saying a prayer together.

Go forth by reflecting on the scripture and taking this forward into our work throughout the day.

Every child has access to a collective worship focus area in the classroom which includes the Our Father and the Hail Mary prayers, as well as Bibles. This acts as a reminder of our Catholic Ethos and how we live our lives as a family through Jesus’ love by us believing that we belong to the loving family of St Richard’s.



The Wednesday Word is a website which shares Sunday’s Gospel with parents and families. There are activities and games available too. To find out more, please follow the link below: