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Monday 1st March

Class novel- Chapter 15 - 


English- To explore the four types of sentence - statement, command, exclamation and question.

In this lesson, we will begin by revising some spelling rules. Then we will revise the differences between clauses and phrases. We will then introduce the four types of simple sentence: statement, command, question and exclamation. Pupils will then have an opportunity to apply this learning.


Maths- Interpret Mean as an Average 

In today’s lesson, we will explore averages before creating a formula for calculating the mean. We will then move on to find missing values using the mean. 



French- Naming parts of the head and face

In this lesson, we will learn the parts of the face and learn the definite articles le, la and les.


Science - How has our understanding and use of electricity developed?

In this lesson, we will look at the major discoveries in the field of electricity and some important electrical inventions. We will create a timeline of these events. We will also learn about some important scientists and choose one to write a fact file on.


PSHE-  To learn about the age ratings system for films and other media.

Today you are going to think about why it is important to have restrictions about the type of content you will find in films and in other media. You will be using some resources from The British Board of Film Classifications (BBFC). The BBFC uses age ratings and symbols and provides explanations about films, videos, and some films and series viewed online. This helps you and your parents decide what to watch. or what might not be suitable. The BBFC also helps to block some things online using parental controls and make sure that some companies stop children under 18 using their websites.

Your first activity will be to use the ratings from the BBFC to match the description of the rating to its classification using the attached worksheet (photo attached). And then your second activity is to use these categories and play the role of a BBFC Compliance Officer and rate real film trailers. You will find this activity by clicking the following link: