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Collective Worship

Collective Worship 

We believe our Collective Worship underpins the whole community, which enables the children to develop a sense of worth in God’s care.


It is an important part of the child’s religious experience within our school.


Collective Worship takes place in different forms across all classes, both indoor and outdoor. The time taken for Collective Worship varies, dependent upon the age of the children. The ratio used is one minute for each year of a child’s life, for example a child in Year 3 (aged 7 or 8 years) will spend approximately 7-8 minutes per day in Collective Worship.


Why do we provide Collective Worship?

  • to provide opportunities for pupils and staff to come together to worship God;
  • to provide an enriching and positive religious experience, where children become active participants developing in their faith journey;
  • to develop a greater sense of who they are within the home, parish and wider community to provide opportunities for those children where school may be their first experience of church;
  • to provide an awareness of other Christian traditions and faith backgrounds.