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Thursday 28th January


To practise and apply knowledge of suffixes: -ial, including test

In this lesson, we will recap the rules associated with adding the suffix -ial, look at words that are exceptions to the rules and learn a spelling practice strategy. The 10 spelling words set in the previous lesson will be revisited and tested.



Coordinates and shapes: To illustrate and name parts of a circle 

In today’s lesson, we will identify the properties of a circle, name the parts and find out about the relationships between the parts. 

You will need some equipment today – just try your best if you don’t have it all 



Question to research

What happens to your heart rate when you exercise

Extra (optional)

Create your own warm up and try to get your family involved!


Times table practise on Purple Mash -2do set




Lesson 1 – Picture Quiz 

We are now beginning a unit of work in which you will make a variety of quizzes for different audiences and on different topics. You will be using several different Purple Mash tools to do this. 

Your audience today are the pupils in KS1and you are going to make a story based quiz on popular children’s stories.  

I have set a 2do called Multiple Choice Quiz.  Your task is set up a quiz with at least 2 questions based on children’s stories.   

Here is a link to a video of me talking/guiding you through the task  (Mrs Jackson)