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Monday 25th January


To write a narrative scene (free write)

In this lesson, the children will practise writing a relative clause complex sentence. They will review all elements of planning for this scene before having the opportunity to free write the narrative scene. There are supporting planning materials within the lesson to support all pupils.



Diagonals in quadrilaterals 

In this lesson, you will compare the properties of diagonals in quadrilaterals. 



What effect does exercise have on the muscles? 

In this lesson we will learn about muscles and how they work. We will also learn what happens to our muscles when we exercise and how people strengthen and grow their muscles.



Write an acrostic poem using the Water Words Activity Sheet (PDF attached). Within your poem, explain the importance of not wasting water and describe responsible water use.



Describing a thing or a person (Part 3/4) 

In this lesson we will practise the use of être to describe a person or a thing, and talk about some rules of French pronunciation.