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Monday 22nd February

Class Novel - Chapter 10 -


English -

comprehension - Unit 5- Animals in the Tower (pages 32 and 33)


Maths - 

Representing Decimals

In this lesson we will review place value and show our understanding using Dienes blocks and place value counters. We will represent decimals in a variety of ways including as the sum of place value parts.


PSHE- What is the media? Watch this short clip on YouTube


Think about what the media means to you, does it mean anything else? Social media? What is social media? How does the media affect you? Does the media make you happy, excited, sad, worried etc? Do certain things on the media change your feelings?

Task: Draw a picture of your brain (as best you can) and divide it into different sections. Write how you feel when you see certain things on the media e.g. happy when you see an advert of a new toy you want or angry when you see something nasty on social media. Colour your different sections in different colours depending on how it makes you feel- take a photo and upload it. 


French- Describing someone else’s size and colour

In this lesson, we will learn to use the verb être to describe someone using adjectives of size and colour, and will revisit adjective position and agreement.


Science - How do scientific ideas change?

In this lesson, we will learn about the scientific process that leads to new scientific ideas being accepted. We will learn about a few examples where scientific ideas were not very easily accepted and we will learn about how the accumulation of knowledge over time has led to some amazing scientific advances.