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Monday 1st Feb

Mindfulness Monday

Being mindful is about noticing what is happening right now. What can you see? What can you hear? What are you thinking? Take time to notice what is happening in the moment. 


Listen to Chapter 1 of The Boy at the Back of Class


English - 

To plan a diary

In this lesson, the children will practise writing fronted adverbials, will review the features of a diary and will then begin to plan a diary entry in the first person as Lyra, the main character in the story.


Maths - 

Adding using the column method

In this lesson, we will learn how to use the column method in order to solve addition equations.


French - 

Describing a thing or a person (Part 4/4)

In this lesson we practise how to describe a thing or a person using adjectives, and look at how adjectives change for masculine and feminine nouns. We also learn how to ask a question using intonation. This lesson includes the use of a site called Quizlet, which you will need to ask your parent or carer to help you with.




Please see attached PDF power point and PDF document


Science - 

What happens to the circulatory system during exercise?

In today’s lesson, we will be learning all about the circulatory system and the effect exercise has on this system. First, we will discuss what the circulatory system is. Then, we will identify how the circulatory system connects to the muscles. We will then be measuring our own heart rate and conducting a small exercise experiment where we will compare our resting heart rate to our heart rate after completing an exercise.