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Parent/Carer Survey















A huge thank you to all those Parents and Carers who completed the survey about our school at the end of the last academic year.

September 2023

Survey Statements - for each one parents/carers could choose from strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree and strongly disagree. 


Communication from the school is regular, clear and effective.

Over 95% strongly agreed/agreed


If needed, I can always speak to/contact my child's teacher (eg phone call, Dojo message).

Over 95% strongly agreed/agreed


I am happy with the values and attitudes that the school teaches. 

100 % strongly agreed/agreed


My child is happy at this school.

Over 97% strongly agreed/agreed


My child feels safe at this school.

Over 97% strongly agreed/agreed


My child is well looked after at this school.

100 % strongly agreed/agreed/neutral


The school gives my child the support they need to succeed

Over 95% strongly agreed/agreed


The school offers a distinctively Catholic education. 

100 % strongly agreed/agreed/neutral


The school provides a curriculum that meets my child's/children's needs.

100 % strongly agreed/agreed/neutral


The school is inclusive.

100 % strongly agreed/agreed/neutral


The school sets high learning expectations/standards.

100 % strongly agreed/agreed/neutral


My child makes good progress at this school.

Over 97% strongly agreed/agreed


The outside of the school grounds are well maintained/looked after

Over 97% strongly agreed/agreed


What do you like about the school? How would you describe the school to someone else?



Here are some of the responses we received: 


Friendly community school

Best school in skelmersdale

The school is a place of safety, love and understanding of all children! Helpful in all aspects from the small things to the big things, it is warming towards all and I can’t thank them enough for the support and care they gave my foster child when she was in this school! A thank you will never be enough

A very welcoming environment that provides fantastic learning opportunities whilst keeping school fun with events and activities

Friendly and caring

A lovely place to be

Local and has nice grounds and building

Friendly staff, always have to for you and your child will help if they can

Fantastic school

Outstanding and fantastic

A wonderful school where my 2 daughters went from nursery through to the end of yr6, it has great teachers, lovely facilities and a lovely atmosphere.

Mrs Jackson is fantastic hopefully the school will change now she’s in charge


High standards

The staff are incredible, can't fault anyone I've met so far. Everyone genuinely cares for their students and take an interest in any concerns. It's just brilliant!

The school is great! Not one bad thing to say about it, I would 100% recommend it to someone else.

An amazing friendly caring school with amazing staff

It considers the well-being of children as well as their attainment.

Great school, extremely friendly staff, everyone is ready to help and support. My child and I are happy that we are a part of the school.

Friendly and inclusive

Best school for little ones in Skelmersdale

Very good


Fantastic school I have seen a massive difference in my son

A fantastic school my child has learnt so much

There is a sense of community. Since my children both have additional needs, I feel they and us as a family are well supported.

The teachers really encourage every activity in school and are very supportive they all do a very good job.

A good all round school

Good school in terms of learning.


What could we do even better?





Here are some of the responses...