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Come and See


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Come and See topics for Autumn

Beginnings                      –    God at every beginning

Signs & Symbols             –    Signs and symbols in Baptism

Preparations                    –   Advent; preparing to celebrate Christmas


Other Faith – Judaism

Harvest: Cafod Family Fast Day – Friday 8th October


Come and See topics for Spring

Books                               –    The books used in Church

Thanksgiving                  –    Mass: a special time for  saying thank you to God for everything, especially Jesus

Opportunities                 –    Lent: an opportunity to start anew in order to celebrate Jesus’ new life


Come and See topics for Summer

Spread the Word          –   Pentecost: a time to spread the Good News

Rules                               –   Reasons for rules in the Christian family; Sacrament of Reconciliation

Treasures                        –   God’s treasure; the world


Other Religion – Hinduism




We recently celebrated our learning about Beginnings with an assembly for our families and friends in Year 1 and Reception.  During this topic we had explored God being at every beginning.  We had a wonderful time sharing all we had learned about the Creation story, through psalms, song and prayers.  (Photographs of this event will be added very shortly).

During Judaism week we learned about some special foods Jewish families share.  We made and ate some Challah bread.